Aetos Agrodolce Riserva

Aetos Agrodolce Riserva is a bittersweet vinegar produced using cooked grape must, acetified Sangiovese wine from the Tenuta Sanoner winery, and a minimal quantity of forest honeydew. It has an intense brown colour and viscous texture, with a clear and shiny appearance. Its distinctive scent is persistent and agreeably acetic, while its sweet-and-sour taste is well balanced and pleasant.
The premium quality Sangiovese wine from our estate is sent to our trusted artisan vinegar farmhouse in Modena – home to the renowned balsamic vinegar – to complete its natural acetification. 
There, the classic vinegar (“aceto forte”) originating from this process is mixed with cooked must and traditional balsamic vinegar at least 12 to 20 years old from barrels made of different types of fine wood – chestnut, cherry, oak – each imparting its own distinctive note to the bouquet.
The special blend is then stored in a dedicated battery  of three ancient mulberry wood barrels (90, 120 and 160 litres) for long periods of maturation, whereby it progressively acquires different levels of density and acidity.

Finally, the mixture is left to rest in two barrels of Slavonian oak (225 and 150 litres) that are reserved solely for the Tenuta Sanoner winery.
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