Planto Pur Plus


Supplement based on mallow, senna, cinnamon and rhubarb
Physiological effect: The plant extracts contribute to a regular intestinal transit (rhubarb, senna, frangula, mallow and cinnamon) and to the normal digestive function (rhubarb, frangula, verbena and cinnamon). Verbena extract supports normal liver function, mallow extract promotes normal volume and consistency of feces.
Finally, the cinnamon extract stimulates the elimination of intestinal gas.

Suggested dosage: Take 2 grains per day with water.

Ingredients: Rheum officinale Baill., rizoma , Cassia angustifolia M. Vahl., Rhamnus
frangula L., Verbena officinalis L.,Malva sylvestris L. foglie, Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blum

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Product properties

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All raw materials are produced by controlled organic farming.


Exclusive use of ingredients from natural sources.


We only use ingredients that are particularly safe for our customers.
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