Aetos Orcia Organic Sangiovese DOC 2015

Red wine made from 100 % Sangiovese grapes, entirely produced on our farm through certified organic viticulture. Fine and elegant, it is a typical expression of this territory in the heart of Tuscany. 
The 2015 vintage will always be remembered as one of the best of the century. The vines were able to grow perfectly with no major problems: the sun and the cool winds (from Greece and the north) in September allowed the Sangiovese grapes to ripen to perfection. The grapes are harvested by hand and fermented spontaneously using only using indigenous yeasts in special concrete vats from France.

After the malolactic fermentation in stainless steel vats, the wine is aged for at least twelve months in barriques, kegs and small 10/15 hl oak casks from France and Austria. The wine has the typical ruby red of a Sangiovese in rich clay soils and limestone. It has an intense bouquet characterised by floral notes and red fruit (cherry). Its storing in barriques and casks gives this wine sweet, spicy notes, which integrate well with the aroma. In the mouth, its attack is fresh and pleasant, while on the palate it is round and full bodied with medium silky tannins. The finish is dry with fruity with balsamic notes. This wine reflects the warmth of the 2015 vintage, the strength of a Sangiovese grown on clay soil and the underlying elegance of the Sangiovese wines of central Tuscany.

Alcohol content
14,00 %

Bottles produced 

Serving temperature
16°C - 18°C
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Product properties

Contains: per bottle 750 ml à 38,00 €

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38,00 €

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