A baby on the way?
Some beauty tips and tricks for pregnant women


Due to rapid weight gain, the connective tissue in the abdomen, chest and hips stretches. This can be the cause of slight stretch marks. It is therefore important to take plenty of fluids to care for the skin intensively, making sure to drink enough and to use rich oils or creams without chemical additives.
As fragrances are particularly important in these sensitive times, we deliberately avoid essential oils in our ADLER PURE cosmetic line and instead use base oils that are particularly suitable for the skin. Organic olive oil from Tuscany, for example, ensures optimal absorption of the active ingredients. In combination with calendula and almond oil, it provides the skin with moisture and elasticity. In addition, natural vitamins and plant extracts stimulate cell regeneration and provide the skin with nourishing substances.

PURE Velvet Body Oil

A nourishing and moisturising body care with olive, calendula and almond oil, vitamin E and F. Massage the oil gently in circular motions onto still damp skin every day after a shower or bath. You will see that the skin acquires softness and elasticity.

PURE Velvet Body Peeling
Peeling can also prevent stretch marks. Used once a week, it stimulates blood circulation and promotes skin elasticity. Olive stone granules and loofah remove dead skin cells. Natural plant oils have a moisturising and smoothing effect.

In our spa resorts and lodges, treatments are specially tailored to your needs. The maternity massage stimulates the blood circulation relieving tension and pain. Despite the weight, you will feel as light as a feather. The massage can also be done in a lateral position, which makes it even more pleasant. For skin and connective tissue care, the ADLER Tone Ritual is exactly what you need. Grape berry stem cells and hyaluronic acid strengthen the tissue and prevent the formation of stretch marks. Peelings, wraps and relaxation in the comfortable waterbeds will give you and your baby a complete sense of well-being.

Enjoy maternal bliss in total relaxation with our ADLER Spa care and pampering programme!

Linda Demetz
& the beauty team of the ADLER Lodge Alpe
Hotel Adler Resort

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