ADLER Sun Protection: tips from our spa

We are aware that the sun has many positive effects on our lives. Just a few rays of sunshine give us a sense of well-being.

However, skin care is extremely important. In fact, our ADLER laboratory under the guidance of Dr. Francesca Ferri created a natural sun protection for the whole family, including phyto-melatonin.

For the health of your skin, we chose filters to absorb and reflect the sun's rays. These filters are enriched with vitamins E and F to fight oxidation and carrot and calendula oil to enhance a calming effect.

For optimal protection and tanning, we advise you to repeat the application of SPF 50 or SPF 25 protection several times during exposure.

Furthermore, during summertime we recommend you to combine the ADLER Sun care with the supplement ADLER MultiVit, which will protect your cells from oxidative stress.

Enjoy your sunbath!

Elena Suman
Spa Manager of the ADLER Spa Resort THERMAE

Hotel Adler Resort

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