Exclusive products and relaxing rituals for a lush head of hair

Hair provides the frame to our face and it has always been associated with beauty and vitality. It is no surprise, then, that we devote the utmost care to it. Yet, as we focus our efforts on achieving the perfect styling and finding the right haircare products, we often neglect a crucial aspect: the care of the scalp. Our scalp is subject to the effects of hormonal imbalances, stress, pollution and aggressive treatments. This leads to fragile, dull hair that is hard to style, a lack of volume, dandruff and ultimately even hair loss.

Just as fertile soil allows plants to grow strong and lush, a healthy scalp gives healthy and strong hair.

In collaboration with EFFEGILab researchers, we have created a range of hair products containing plant-based active ingredients that promote scalp health and help restore hair vitality. The ingredients in our exclusive Hair Spa products include melatonin extracted from yarrow to boost oxygen supply to the scalp, and senna alata to promote cell turnover, as well as lavender and witch hazel extracts for their moisturising and soothing properties.
If you are looking to upgrade your hairdresser’s appointment into a wellness experience, you can now choose a real Hair SPA ritual that takes care of your scalp and hair from the roots to the ends – all while you enjoy a relaxing break.


The ADLER Hair Spa ritual
Exploiting the ingredients contained in the Hair Spa products, this wonderful ritual performs a sebum-balancing and anti-hair loss action, keeping the scalp healthy and making the hair shiny, soft and voluminous. It consists of a gentle peel and a pouring of warm oil, followed by a head massage and a regenerating mud mask. After rinsing, a revitalising lotion is applied to the scalp, which boosts hair growth. On request, this ritual can be preceded by an accurate analysis of the hair performed with a micro-camera.


ADLER Scalp Renew Spray
This spray gently exfoliates the scalp and moisturises it in depth. Regular exfoliation of the scalp is essential to remove dead cells and traces of micro-dust and styling products that build up day by day, and to keep hair bulbs oxygenated and regenerate the skin. It makes the scalp more receptive and the subsequent treatments more effective, as it increases the absorption of the active ingredients in the products. The spray contains extracts of lavender, witch hazel, hydroxy acids and fruit enzymes.

ADLER Anti-Hair Loss Activator
This lotion contains melatonin, menthyl lactate and provitamin B5. It has revitalising, refreshing and oxygenating effects, and helps to effectively strengthen weakened hair, fight hair loss and promote hair growth. It should be massaged gently into the scalp every evening. Using your fingertips, start from the nape of the neck and work your way towards your forehead and temples with small circular movements. There is only one side effect: extreme relaxation!

ADLER Hair Plus® – Dietary supplement
Intake of hair-friendly nutrients can go a long way to ensuring optimum hair growth and thick, strong hair. This supplement contains millet, horsetail, brewer’s yeast, carrot, rosehip and probiotics.

Lavender and white musk shampoo & conditioner
Haircare products with a revitalising and softening effect that make hair shiny and strong.

ADLER HAIR SPA: health, vitality and beauty that come from nature!

Silvia Mittelberger, SPA Manager at the ADLER Spa Resort - Dolomiti
Hotel Adler Resort

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