Gentle is the way forward - Our best skincare tips for sensitive skin

Why is sensitive skin hyper-reactive?

The skin has a natural barrier to protect it from external stressors and moisture loss. However, if the balance of this protective layer is disrupted, factors such as sun, wind, air pollution and psychological stress, as well as additives contained in conventional cosmetics, can cause unpleasant reactions. Skincare products for hypersensitive skin, such as the ADLER Sensitive line, are specially designed to soothe acute irritations and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier.

The ADLER Sensitive skincare line for sensitive skin
Now more effective with a new formula

The new insights provided by the latest scientific research, along with innovative extraction processes that improve the effectiveness of natural ingredients, have allowed us to optimise the formulas of our ADLER Sensitive Line for even better results.

Highly concentrated active compounds from mahonia, edelweiss extracts, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid reduce inflammation and support the skin barrier’s natural balance with long-lasting effects. They also prevent moisture loss and leave the skin feeling pleasantly fresh. The silky, fast-absorbing texture of these products gives an immediate soothing sensation when applied.

NEW entry: the exclusive Soothing massage mask. A versatile gel mask with a refreshing, soothing effect. Its fine extracts of edelweiss, aloe vera and panthenol make it ideal for reducing inflammation and flushing. This mask is also ideal to cool and soothe the skin after sunbathing.

The ADLER Sensitive line includes highly effective matching products for your daily skincare routine: Soothing intensive serum, Soothing eye cream, Soothing day cream and Soothing night cream.

How you can strengthen your skin

Beauty may be skin-deep, but optimal skincare goes much deeper than that. Targeting skin issues from the outside is not enough. A balanced diet is important to provide skin-friendly nutrients that have a positive effect on the skin flora and its natural protective function. A balanced water intake is also crucial – make sure you drink one and a half to two litres of water or unsweetened tea every day.
Environmental factors such as direct sunlight, heat and dry heating air can put a lot of stress on the skin. So, always use appropriate UV protection on sunny days and, if necessary, use a humidifier to ensure a healthy indoor climate in winter.
Frequent washing and high water temperatures should be avoided. Instead, use a mild cleansing lotion and a skin tonic, bearing in mind that the mechanical friction from the towel can also irritate the skin. After cleansing, dab your skin gently with a cosmetic tissue. Avoid aggressive exfoliation – rather opt for a gentle enzyme peel to free your skin from dead flakes.

However sensitive your skin may be, a care routine suited to your skin type and a balanced lifestyle will go a long way in giving you a flawless, irritation-free complexion!

Silvia Mittelberger
SPA manager at ADLER Spa Resort Dolomiti

Hotel Adler Resort

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