Supplements and Phytotherapy – Our Daily Source of Well-Being

Do we really need food supplements? Surprisingly enough, we do. In this day and age, a well-balanced diet might not be enough to meet our needs for vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The reason is that modern cultivation and production processes, soil impoverishment, and storage and transport methods all contribute to the depletion of vital nutrients in food.
According to recent studies, the apples we eat today contain only 50% of the vitamins and minerals that were present in the apples our grandparents used to eat. Even organically grown foods can’t always compensate for this impoverishment. A prolonged state of vitamin and mineral deficiency causes functional alterations in our cells, which manifest first as symptoms such as poor digestion, irritable bowel, fatigue and insomnia, and then evolve into full-blown illness. That’s why it is so important to use supplements to compensate for any nutritional deficiency, and to use a gentle approach such as phytotherapy to address any deficiency-related symptoms, which are simply our body’s cry for help.

An increased intake of vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids, probiotics and phytocomplexes is especially recommended in situations where our body faces extra challenges, such as during pregnancy or a slimming diet, or in cases of increased stress or food intolerance. In fact, these nutrients are able to reactivate the enzymes responsible for the proper body functions.
Combined with a balanced, nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle, food supplements and phytotherapeutic remedies can lead to new-found well-being.
The ADLER Med health experts are at your s ide with valuable advice to help you choose the supplement strategy and nutritional plan that best suits your needs and lifestyle.
More targeted, more effective – The ADLER Spa supplements

ADLER Spa has developed five lines of food supplements to support your specific needs with innovative, highly targeted formulations:


These natural-based products help the body’s detoxifying organs to eliminate waste and toxins. They are designed for those who wish to detoxify and/or lose weight, but are also recommended for guests following the ADLER MED Detox and ADLER MED Weight Loss programmes.

Alga Slim, Chelant, ADLER Pro Diur, Planto Dren


An energy boost for our daily activities. These supplements help to protect cells from oxidative stress, promote tissue health and strengthen the immune system.

MultiVit, Hair & Nails, VitaD3, Curcumin, VasoCell, Immuno Plus


A line designed to promote good psychophysical balance. These supplements help to reduce mental tiredness and fatigue and promote mood health, while the melatonin they contain encourages restful sleep.

Serenity, Relax, Alkalin, Melatonin Plus, Lady


These plant-based supplements are designed to promote the well-being of the gastrointestinal and urinary tracts by improving intestinal transit, liver function and drainage of excess fluids.

Planto Pur, Lact, Anice7 Plus, Aloe


Designed to promote long-lasting health, these supplements are based on substances that support tissue function, have an antioxidant action and prevent cellular ageing. Their use is especially recommended in cases of stressful lifestyle or circumstances.

Omega Top, Night, Day, VitaE, Collagen

MD Stefania Mazzieri, Surgeon and General practitioner at the ADLER Spa Resort THERMAE
Hotel Adler Resort

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