10 easy beauty steps to follow at home

Reddenings, pimples, spots on the skin… Sometimes, every one of us has some little pending issues with the own skin. Therefore I would like to give you some simple advices to follow at home, in order to reach a shiny and healthy skin.

  1. The first step to take care of your skin is to deterge it every evening, also if you did not put on any make up. To avoid that the skin get irritate, we advise you to always use a natural milk cleanser.
  2. In the morning, wash your face with lukewarm water, because hot water ruins the skin’s natural PH. The best would be to wash the face with cold water, in order to have a wake up effect too. 
  3. In case of swellings or bags under the eyes, ice can help to reduce them. 
  4. Our nutrition reflect our skin, therefore it is very important to eat food with a lot of saturated sour fats, as for example fruits and vegetable.
  5. I advice to change your face cream every season, because in each season the skin needs different nutrients.
  6. Once or twice a week make a facial scrub. Choose a product with a physiological PH, perfect to smooth the skin and respect it’s natural balance.
  7. Protect your skin every day from the sun, choosing treatments with solar filters.
  8. The most delicate parts of our face, like eyes and lips, should be treated with specific creams. 
  9. Prepare a facial mask, once or twice a week, as it confers a more hydrated and fresh aspect.
  10. Use a serum. Why it is important? Thanks to its active principles, it penetrates 100 times more efficiently into your skin than a normal cream. Use it in the evening, before going to sleep.

“The skin is a thin textile sheet that envelops your body. Physiologically it is a very simple organ, seeing ifrom a social and psychological aspect instead, it is a very complex organ. The skin is the border between the external and internal world, between the ambience and us.” David Le Breton

Sara Romanelli, SPA Manager at the ADLER Mountain Lodge
Hotel Adler Resort

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