7 good reasons for using bio cosmetic products

1.Quality and origin
Bio cosmetic products relinquish chemically and synthetically elements. They are made by natural extracts that are good for our health and for the environment. This natural extracts are more skin-friendly and none of the products is tested on animals.

2.Free of any mineral oils
Bio cosmetic products are free of any mineral oils, which can literally suffocate the skin. Mineral oils remain on the surface making the skin look shiny, but in real the dermal layers underneath get damaged. Through the water-impermeable film the skin produces less lipids and moisture decreases.

3.Free of chemical preservatives
A lot of allergies on cosmetic products derive from chemical preservatives. Therefore the bio cosmetic industry only uses natural preservatives such us Benzoic acid, Salicylic acid or Sorbic acid, which have a very low allergic potential. Bio-alcohol, extracts from medicinal plants and essential oils have an antibacterial effect and make the products lasting longer.

4.Free of synthetic perfumes
Synthetic perfumes and chemical colors irritate the skin, therefore they are not used in biocosmetic products. Although we can find the terms perfumes, aroma or fragrance in the list of ingredients of biocosmetic products, they have all natural origin and are used in such a low quantity (concentration of 0,001%) that they do not need to be specified.

5.Free of chemical colors
The color of bio cosmetic products derives from the natural coloring of the natural elements without the use of any additional chemical colors. Therefore bio cosmetic products can not be standardized, as there are always some meanderings regarding color and taste of the natural extracts.

6.Vegetable origin surfactants and emulsifiers

In conventional cosmetic products sodium lauryl sulfate and polyethylene glycols (PEG) are used as emulsifiers. Both can enfeeble the natural acid mantle scouring the skin and even provoke allergies. Therefore bio cosmetic products use substances with vegetable origin, such as sugar surfactants, which are less foamy and much more skin friendly. In addition they are totally biodegradable .

7.Prevention and long term effect
Bio cosmetic products reinforce the repair mechanisms of the skin and provide a long term and effective healthy and soigne appearance.

Silvia Mittelberger, SPA Manager at the ADLER Dolomiti Spa & Sport Resort
Hotel Adler Resort

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