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Summertime is calling and we feel full of energy. Long and warm days, outside walks and a lot of sun are awaiting us; but can we really enjoy carefree all its rays, as the media constantly aware us about the danger of sun rays for our skin?

One thing is certain: sun is a precious allied for our health. Thanks to it, our body can synthesize vitamin D, that bolsters our bones, regulates immune system and protects us from “civilizations diseases”, as hypertension and cancers. Furthermore, sunlight increases the production of Serotonin, the hormone of happiness, with positive effects on our humor. Unfortunately, there exists no light without shadow: sun exposition without the right skin protection against burnings is a well-known threat for our health. Accelerates the cutaneous ageing, develops solar allergies and in worst cases, causes skin cancer.

This is the reason why, a correct protection from solar rays is so important in order to prevent diseases caused from the sun, there is no difference if you take sun in the mountains, at the sea or in your own garden.
With the help of our Solar line ADLER SUN you can enjoy the sun in complete relax. The natural fit melatonin contained, facilitates sun tanning, protects our cells from the oxidative stress caused from the UVA and UVB rays and at the same time repairs our skin.

Riskless Suntan

Our right use recommendation of solar products.

  • Apply always solar skin protection when you go outside. Use protection also under the shadow or with cloudy sky.
  • Do you have a low sensible skin? It does not matter, at the beginning, use a product with a high protection factor (SPF 50). Once your skin gets used to the sun, you can reduce the protection factor (SPF25).
  • If you have a sensible and white skin, is highly recommended to use always a high protection factor (SPF 50).
  • Apply solar cream protection generously 30 minutes before the exposition to sun.
  • Spread the product gently on your skin and avoid massages, that could reduce the protective effects.
  • Repeat the application constantly, as the protection loses its efficiency after bathing, drying ourselves or by sweating.
  • Important: after sunbathing, take a shower and put hydrating cream/ lotion on.
  • Move to the shadow sometimes and avoid the midday sun.
  • Dermatologists advice an adaptation phase of your skin to solar rays with short expositions during spring. Starting with a range of 10 minutes and then enhance them graduating.

Now let’s enjoy the warm season. Go out for a walk and welcome the sun rays, listen to the tweets of birds and inhale the perfume of summer!

Silvia Mittelberger, SPA Manager at the ADLER Spa Resort - Dolomiti
Hotel Adler Resort

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