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MAN LINE - men’s skin, naturally different

A healthy glow and groomed look are no longer a female prerogative. Besides, sensitive skin, acne and ageing affect men as well as women. However, gender needs to be reckoned with, as there are physiological differences between the female and male skin that require different approaches.

Female vs male skin – a comparison

Men’s skin is 0.2 millimetres thicker than women’s skin and contains more collagen, a protein responsible for skin elasticity that supports cell structure, like a corset. Connective tissue fibres are arranged according to a parallel pattern in women’s skin, whereas in men’s skin fibres are cross-linked, making it suppler and more compact.
Men also have more sebaceous glands and specific hormones that regulate sebum production thereby affecting skin composition. Female sex hormones (oestrogen) inhibit sebum production whereas male sex hormones (androgen) increase it. This is why men are more prone to oily skin and enlarged pores. Their skin’s superficial layer remains, however, more elastic thanks to the fatty acids contained in sebum that slow down ageing.
Although the hydrolipidic film on men’s skin is thicker, daily shaving may damage it, causing minor skin injuries and dehydration as well as reddening and irritation with red spots that take a few days to resolve.
Over 35 years of age, cell renewal slows down for both men and women and skin ageing is accelerated. Connective tissue elasticity and the skin’s ability to retain water slowly decrease. Though wrinkles appear later in men than women, they generally look more pronounced when they do.
This is why men’s skin benefits from dedicated treatments designed to keep it healthy and youthful based on its specific features.

Cosmetics tailored to men’s skin

Our MAN cosmetic line has been developed to specifically address the requirements of men’s skin. Its products contain sea algae, aloe vera and valuable anti-ageing substances that increase hydration and promote regeneration, giving the skin a boost of vitality and well-being.


Per un effetto purificante e idratante
Detergente delicato poco schiumogeno ad alta tollerabilità. Contiene estratti di aloe e alghe con proprietà lenitive e idratanti. Deterge, purifica e mantiene la pelle morbida.


Per un effetto anti-aging
Trattamento completo per l’uomo che restituisce alla pelle il giusto tono, minimizza le rughe e rigenera il derma. La composizione ricca di Vitamina E + Acido Ialuronico e Fitomelatonina sollecita i fibroblasti a produrre nuovo collagene ed elastina, tonificanti. Per il miglior benessere della pelle vitalizzata.


Per un effetto idratante e rinfrescante
Balsamo Energizzante di applicazione quotidiana, di facile assorbimento, studiata per lenire gli arrossamenti della rasatura e mantenere il giusto grado di idratazione nel corso della giornata. I benefici sono dati dalla presenza nella formula di Collagene Marino e Aloe che idratano, di Pantenolo provitamina che lenisce, di Mentil Lattato rinfrescante ad azione protratta.

Silvia Mittelberger, SPA Manager at the ADLER Spa Resort Dolomiti
Hotel Adler Resort

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