Water – the number one beauty elixir

Take the self-experiment and learn what happens when you drink 3 liters of water a day for 4 weeks.

  • YOU HAVE CLEAN SKIN: toxins that cause inflammations and pimples are flushed out of the body.
  • YOU FEEL AWAKE: Forget coffee - the main reason for tiredness is dehydration.
  • YOU LOOSE WEIGHT MORE EASILY: a glass of water before the meals helps to reduce the feeling of hunger and you eat less.
  • YOU HAVE LESS WRINKLES: Dehydrated skin tends to wrinkle. Wrinkles disappear visibly when drinking enough water.
  • YOUR LIVER WORKS BETTER: The liver cleans the blood and it works better when the body gets a lot of fluid.
  • YOU DON’T SUFFER MUSCLE PAIN: Often muscles and joints are aching when they are supplied with too little water.
  • YOUR MEMORY IS BETTER: When the brain cells get enough water, they work faster and more efficiently, you think more clearly and are more concentrated.
  • YOU HAVE BETTER DIGESTION: A healthy hydration keeps the digestion going.
  • YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM IS STRENGTHENED: If the body is sufficiently hydrated, its defense mechanisms work much better.
  • YOU ARE IN A BETTER MOOD: The lack of water is often the cause of headache and bad mood.

3 liters of water per day can have noticeable effects after only 4 weeks.

To improve the results, you can support your body with the vegetable food supplements from the ADLER cosmetic line. For example:
Planto Slim - supports the bodily functions to maintain the natural weight
Adler Pro Diur - helps optimizing the drainage of bodily fluids and the sustainable health of the urinary passage
Planto Dren - has a positive effect on the liver, as it stimulates the natural excretion of metabolic pathways
Planto Pur - supports the natural elimination and has a cleaning effect on the intestine

Sara Romanelli, SPA Manager at the ADLER Mountain Lodge
Hotel Adler Resort

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