Wellness at home

Often we are in a rush, stressed from all our appointments and all we wish is to escape from the daily routine. Immerge a few days in a Spa and wellness oasis would be appropriate, but timely not always possible. With some easy convertible tips you can arrange your own relax moments at home.

After a long and exhausted day we need to rest and to recover. Best far from all technologies. Therefore turn off the internet, switch off your phone and take some time just for yourself.
Prepare a relieving footbath with a water temperature around 35°C. Add some drops of lavender oil. Already after a short time in the water you will feel more relaxed, calm and serene. The footbath should last around 10-15 minutes.
After the footbath we suggest to dry the feet, apply an essential oil, massage the feed gently and put on some thick woollen socks. Suitable is the Adler Relax oil, made of almond oil, sesame oil and the essential oil of bitter orange, which has a high relaxation effect.
Take a rest, put on some relaxation music, create a playlist of songs or nature sounds and try to totally relieve your mind. Enjoy the moment best with a cup of tea.

Gift set Adler World for your home:

CD - Armonia dell'anima 3 (Harmony of the soul)
Adler Cup
Adler Well-being tea
Adler Relax oil

Silvia Mittelberger, SPA Manager at the ADLER Dolomiti Spa & Sport Resort
Hotel Adler Resort

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